Roland’s is a place where roads, lives, and work experiences are united by a passion for good food.

The excellence of your events

Excellence comes from preparation, study, research, experimentation, and not least from being demanding. We are demanding and wish for our clients to be also.
We thought about a modern company that keeps up with the continuous evolution of the market’s standards. We offer a custom-made product, resulting from constant interaction with our client.

Competition does not scare us but stimulates us in improving our service performances. Our social & business catering represents all of this and more. Come discover our world.

We choose local and seasonal ingredients

We guarantee artisanal production and a safe food chain, made of carefully selected suppliers. When choosing the ingredients, we prefer the local ones, offering dishes prepared with seasonal products.

These choices are really appreciated by our clients who are increasingly aware of the importance of healthy eating.

Our philosophy: the food as a universal language

We conceive the event as a human journey, transformation, growth. Event from the Latin word e-venire, to become, to change, to carry out a real path of initiation. It represents a transformation of the individual that involves a change of status within the group of belonging.

In this journey, food represents a form of boundless conviviality that can be transformed into a universal language. A language that, for us at Roland’s, must intertwine with the commitment of a constantly evolving kitchen that seeks, experiments, looks beyond the borders, and never forgets its origins. We take a look at the world all around but our feet are deeply rooted in our beautiful country.

Il nostro Team

Attilio Mazzei

Pasquale Mazzei

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Il nostro Team

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